Anguilliformes (Eels)

The eels is a group of elongated fishes ranging from small 5 cm to 4 metres. The majority beeing predators. Some species of similar shape (like electric and spiny eels) do not belong to the Anguilliformes order.

There are sbout 800 described species in this order.


Species list

serrivomer beaniSerrivomer beanii
(Beans's sawtooth eel)

Scientific name: Serrivomer beanii (Gill & Ryder, 1883)
Popular names: Beans's sawtooth eel
Danish name: Næbål

Family: Serrivomeridae (Sawtooth eels)

Distribution: Circumglobal
Capture sites: Davis and Denmark Strait

Depth: 0 - 6000 meter (pelagic)
Max. size: ~ 80 cm





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synaphobranchus kaupiiSynaphobranchus kaupii
(Kaup's arrowtooth eel)

Scientific name: Synaphobranchus kaupii (Johnson, 1862)
Popular names: Kaup's arrowtooth eel, Gray's Cutthroat, Longnosed Eel, Long-nose Eel, Northern Cutthroat Eel, Slatjaw Cutthroat Eel
Danish name: Spidssnudet dybhavsål

Family: Synaphobranchidae (Cutthroat eels)

Distribution: Eastern Atlantic: Faroes and Iceland to Cape Verde, Nigeria, Namibia and South Africa
Capture sites: Davis and Denmark Strait

Depth: 120 - 4800 meter
Max. size: ~ 100 cm





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