Aulopiformes (Lizard fishes)

Aulopiformes is an order of marine ray-finned fishes sometimes called grinners or lizard fishes. The order is distinct by their common structure of their gill arches.

There are about 15 living described species of this order.


Species list:


anotopterus pharaoAnotopterus pharao (Daggertooth)

Scientific name: Anotopterus pharao (Zugmayer, 1911)
Popular names: Daggertooth
Danish name: Dolktandfisk

Family: Anotopteridae (Daggertooth)

Distribution: North Atlantic Ocean
Capture sites:

Depth: 0 - 5100 meter
Max. size: ~ 100 cm





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arctozenus rissoiArctozenus rissoi
(Spotted barracudina)

Scientific name: Arctozenus rissoi (Bonaparte, 1840)
Popular names: Spotted barracudina
Danish name: Rissos laksetobis

Family: Paralepididae (Barracudinas)

Distribution: Worldwide
Capture sites: Davis Strait and Denmark Strait

Depth: 0 - 2200 meter
Max. size: ~ 30 cm





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magnisudis atlanticaMagnisudis atlantica
(Duckbill barracudina)

Scientific name: Magnisudis atlantica (Krøyer 1868)
Popular names: Duckbill barracudina
Danish name: Kort lakstobis

Family: Paralepididae (Barracudinas)

Distribution: Circumglobal
Capture sites: Davis and Denmark Strait

Depth: 0 - 4750 m (pelagic)
Max. size: ~ 60 cm





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scopelosaurus lepidusScopelosaurus lepidus
(Blackfin waryfish)

Scientific name: Scopelosaurus lepidus (Krefft & Maul, 1955)
Popular names: Blackfin waryfish
Danish name: Øglesmelt

Family: Notosudidae (Waryfishes)

Distribution: North Atlantic Ocean
Capture sites: Davis Strait

Depth: 70 - 1400 meter (benthopelagic)
Max. size: ~ 37 cm



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