Lampriformes (lamprids)

Lampriformes is an order of deep sea fish such as the crestfishes, oarfish, opahs and ribbonfishes. The scientific name refers to the body shape of the fishes, meaning "shaped like the bright ones". The species are pelagic feeders and are normaly found between 100 - 1000 meters depth. There are about 50 living species of this order.


Species list:


trachipterus arcticus1Trachipterus arcticus

Scientific name: Trachipterus arcticus (Brünnich, 1788)
Popular names: Dealfish, King of the herrings
Danish name: Almindelig vågmær, vågmær

Family: Trachipteridae (Ribbonfishes)

Distribution: North Atlantic Ocean
Capture site:

Depth: 300 - 600 m (bathypelagic)
Max. size: 300 cm



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