Osmeriformes is a broad order of fishes including the species of pike and salmon among many. The name “Osmeriformes” means “smelt-shaped” and, thus, refers to the body-shape of the fishes.

There are about 90 described species belonging to this order.


Species list:

Alepocephalus agassiziiAlepocephalus agassizii
(Agassiz' slickhead)

Scientific name: Alepocephalus agassizii (Goode & Bean, 1883)
Popular names: Agassiz' slickhead
Danish name: Agassiz glathovedfisk

Family: Alepocephalidae (Slickheads)

Distribution: North Atlantic Ocean
Capture sites: Davis and Denmark Strait

Depth: 600 - 2500 meter (bathydemersal)
Max. size: ~ 79 cm




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argentina silusArgentina silus
(Greater argentine)

Scientific name: Argentina silus (Ascanius, 1775)
Popular names: Atlantic Argentine, Great Silver Smelt, Greater Argentine, Herring Smelt or Smelt
Danish name: Guldlaks

Family: Argentinidae (Argentines or herring smelts)

Distribution: North Atlantic Ocean
Capture sites:

Depth: 140 - 1440 meter
Max. size: ~ 70 cm





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bathylagus euryopsBathylagus euryops
(Goiter blacksmelt)

Scientific name: Bathylagus euryops (Good & Bean, 1896)
Popular names: Goiter blacksmelt
Danish name: Sortsmelt

Family: Bathylagidae (Deep-sea smelts)

Distribution: North Atlantic Ocean
Depth: 500-3200 meter (bathypelagic)
Max. size: ~ 20 cm





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Holtbyrnia anomalaHoltbyrnia anomala
(Bighead searsid)

Scientific name: Holtbyrnia anomala (Krefft, 1980)
Popular names: Bighead searsid
Danish name: Storhovedet skulderlysfisk

Family: Platytroctidae (Tubeshoulders)

Distribution: Eastern Atlantic: west of Iceland to off south-western tip of Ireland, Mauritania, Senegal and Namibia. Elsewhere, tropical and subtropical western Atlantic.
Capture sites: Davis and Denmark Strait

Depth: 700 - 2700 meter (bathypelagic)
Max. size: ~ 25 cm




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holtbyrnia macropsHoltbyrnia macrops
(Bigeye searsid)

Scientific name: Holtbyrnia macrops (Maul, 1957)
Popular names: Bigeye searsid
Danish name: Storøjet skulderlysfisk

Family: Platytroctidae (Tubeshoulders)

Distribution: Eastern Atlantic: Denmark Strait, southern Iceland and Bay of Biscay to South Africa
Capture sites: Davis strait

Depth: 100 - 1000 meter (benthopelagic)
Max. size: ~ 20 cm



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mallotus villosusMallotus villosus

Scientific name: Mallotus villosus (Müller, 1776)
Popular names: Capelin, lodde, lodda
Danish name: Lodde

Family: Osmeridae (Smelts)

Distribution: Circumpolar in the Arctic
Capture site:

Depth: 0 - 725 m (pelagic-oceanic)
Max. size: 20 cm / 52 g



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xenodermichthys copeiXenodermichthys copei
(Bluntsnout smooth-head)

Scientific name: Xenodermichthys copei (Gill, 1884)
Popular names: Bluntsnout smooth-head, Atlantic gymnast, Black slickhead
Danish name: Kortsnudet glathovedfisk

Family: Alepocephalidae (Slickheads)

Distribution: Near circumglobal
Capture site:

Depth: 100 - 2650 meter
Max. size: 31 cm



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