Saccopharyngiformes (Swallowers and gulpers)

Saccopharyngiformes is an unusual order of fishes. The group mainly consists of deep sea species many with the ability to consume prey larger than themselves. There are about 400 described species belonging to this order.


Species list:


eurypharynx pelecanoidesEurypharynx pelecanoides
(Pelican eel)

Scientific name: Eurypharynx pelecanoides (Vaillant, 1882)
Popular names: Pelican eel, gulper eel, pelican gulper
Danish name: Pelikanål

Family: Eurypharyngidae (Gulpers)

Distribution: Circumglobal
Capture sites: Denmark Strait

Depth: 500 - 7600 meter (bathypelagic)
Max. size: ~ 100 cm





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