Salmoniformes (Salmons)

Salmoniformes or the Salmons is a small group of fishes with large cultural and economic value. Many species of salmons have a life cycle involving both a feshwater and a saltwater stage. There are about 66 described species belonging to this group.

Species list

salvelinus alpinus alpinusSalvelinus alpinus alpinus
(Arctic char)

Scientific name: Salvelinus alpinus alpinus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Popular names: Arctic char, Alpine char
Danish name: Rødding, fjeldørred

Family: Salmonidae (Salmonids)

Distribution: Europe: northern Atlantic southward to southern Norway, also Iceland and southern Greenland.
Capture site: Southern Greenland (Kukulooq river)

Depth: 30 - 70 meter
Max. size: 107 cm / 15 kg



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A list of the different phenotypes we have seen

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