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Summer 2015

Field Trips

Pâmiut: Illulisat-Nuuk
Pâmiut: Nuuk-Nuuk

Pâmiut: Nuuk-Qaqortoq
Pâmiut: Qaqortoq-Reykjavik
Pâmiut: Reykjavik-Nuuk
Pâmiut: Nuuk-Nuuk

Pâmiut: Illulisat - Nuuk
Pâmiut: Reykjavik - Nuuk
DANA: North Sea

Pâmiut: Illulisat - Nuuk
Pâmiut: Nuuk - Julianehåb
Pâmiut: Julianehåb - Tasilaq

Pâmiut: Julianehåb - Reykjavik
Pâmiut: Reykjavik - Nuuk


As part of the work on board R/V Pâmiut we are encountered with the sight of many uncommon creatures surfacing from the deep sea around Greenland. As some of the world’s last unexplored areas the deep sea still contain a wide range of unique species, many with extreme adaptations and fascinating appearances. This fascination combined with the passion for photography has led us to the thought of DESCNA. The purpose of DESCNA is, thus, to present some of the fascinating animals we have encountered in an illustrative and descriptive way. We aim to present the different animals with high quality photography’s combined with a scientific description of the animal. All pictures presented are taken on board R/V Pâmiut, which is owned by the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. R/V Pâmiut travels the southwest and -east coast of Greenland to monitor the distribution and abundance of commercial fish species such as cod, redfish, deep sea shrimps and halibut. Besides the commercially important species, less well-known species are also caught and recorded. Thus, the surveys of R/V Pâmiut provide us with a small glimpse of the deep sea which we would like to share.

The Pictures

We aim to reflect real-life as much as possible and thus keep editing to an absolut minimum if any at all. All pictures are taken by us (Julius Nielsen, Martin Nielsen and Peter Frandsen) and we have the sole copyright of them. We will, however, be glad if others find our pictures usefull. Please contact us for more info if you would like to use one of our pictures (contact).

The Scientific Information

As we also want to describe the creatures with more than just descriptive images, we have also included some detailed scientific information to the different species. This information is gathered from different sources mainly, and books.

Who we are

The three of us all share the passion for photography and nature. We met at the University of Copenhagen studying biology. We have later moved on, but never left the field of nature.


Julius Nielsen (BSc biology; MSc Aquatic Science and Technology)



Martin Nielsen (BSc Biology)

MsC student at University of Copenhagen

Creator and administrator of the website:


Peter Frandsen (MSc Biology)

Enrolled as PhD at the University of Copenhagen