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We are very open about coming by and set up an exhibition suited to your needs and ideas. That be a brief temporarily exhibition or a permanent one. Please just contact us to hear more.

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We are pleased that DESCNA has entered a new and exiting phase with physical exhibitions. So far we have completed a few smaller exhibitions with great success and received very positive feedbacks. We are looking forward to more exhibitions in the future and to show our images and stories to even more people.

Fredericia Library (Denmark, 2015)
Fredericia Bibliotek 2015

Period: February, 2015 (Winter holidays)

This time Fredericia Library have been so kind to invite us. Our exhibition is a great supplement to the library's theme of the ocean with lots of great activities during the winter holidays here in Denmark.

Kolding Library (Denmark, 2014)
Kolding 2014

Period: September, 2014

Our second large and the most comprehensive exhibition so far containing more than 150 images. This time located at the Library of Kolding.

Hjørring Library (Denmark, 2014)
Hjorring 2014

Period: March, 2014

Our first large and comprehensive exhibition containing more than 150 images, many of animals which have never been photographed before.

Brønshøj Library (Denmark, 2013)
Broenshoej 2013

Period: July, 2013

This was a small exhibition made as supplementation for a work shop during the summer holidays. The workshop was for all ages acting as creative place with the sea as theme. 

Rentemestervej Library (Denmark, 2013)
Rentemestervej 2013

Period: May - June, 2013

This exhibition was our very first. It was set up as part of a theme about "sea monsters" and was further a part of that years "Copenhagen Photo festival".