Deep Sea Creatures

Deep Sea Creatures


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Major update

  • February 2020

The DESCNA website has been through a major update adding a bunch of new species and A LOT of new pictures. Be sure to move around the site to see all the new pictures


Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (Greenland, 2020)

  • Periode: January 2020

As part of Culture Night in Greenland, our pictures are exhibited at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources.

Species Count

Number of species represented on DESCNA

Cephalopods: 4
Crustaceans: 45
Fish: 157
Mammals and birds: 33
Others: 6

(Total: 245 species!)

More than 2000 pictures!

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A special thanks go to

- Sarah Nielsen
- Mads Dahl
- Marie Backe
- Peter Rask Møller
- Laure de Montety