Deep Sea Creatures

Deep Sea Creatures


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Major update

  • February 2020

The DESCNA website has been through a major update adding a bunch of new species and A LOT of new pictures. Be sure to move around the site to see all the new pictures


Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (Greenland, 2020)

  • Periode: January 2020

As part of Culture Night in Greenland, our pictures are exhibited at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. We are delighted to announce that the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources has decided to make this exhibition permanent. So now our pictures can bee seen here all year round.

Species Count

Number of species represented on DESCNA

Cephalopods: 4
Crustaceans: 45
Fish: 157
Mammals and birds: 33
Others: 6

(Total: 245 species!)

More than 2000 pictures!

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A special thanks go to

- Sarah Nielsen
- Mads Dahl
- Marie Backe
- Peter Rask Møller
- Laure de Montety